Other Reviews

As well as research and developmentĀ in automated trading, we pride ourselves on extensive connections with other traders and knowledge which may help people when choosing a broker or system that our traders request from us. We either use our direct connections, experience of others to fairly determine an honest review of the broker or system.

We are transparent and some but not all of our reviews may contain affiliate links, we specify this in the review for your information. In any case you will notice our reviews are based on experience not gain, on a few of the main factors we consider important in our experience.

Some of the reviews have very strong credibility if we have used them in partnership in the past and had either good, bad or average experiences. We do not believe in overly negative or overly positive reviews as from our experiences, people who do this are usually writing emotionally rather than rationally.

We hope you find the sometimes updated reviews helpful, please offer your experiences here by emailing Info@AutoTakeProfit.com

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