Natural Selection Trading: Evolva 15



TRADING REGIME 1: Natural Selection: Evolva 15 (in % Growth)

These are multiple systems crafted into one. They are the children of both the greatest tried and tested forex strategies and Darwinian evolution of coding genes to determine only the strongest parameters survive without “overfitting” the data. This is the culmination of years of research and development and our best kept secret. However, we are trialling its use as a source for others to enjoy exclusively on because this site an amazing asset to the forex community that do not want to get duped and genuinely want the best systems out there. While we can’t say we are the best, we know this makes money and doesnt risk much of your account. We suggest 0.01 Lots for every 1000 equity available. You can do less or a little more IF you understand the risks and are a seasoned trader. This is our system and written by us, we know everything about it and made all changes in the past years and do not need to tweak anything. You will get a consistent trading experience on autopilot and with all the analytics zulutrade provides you can scrutinise and make sure this system is working well for you over time. Hope you join the program and sincerely wish you the best experience.