Before trading yourself or using any EA/Robot, please read the following literature. It gives a reasonable overview of back testing as well as the strategies we used on our systems. Due to the ongoing development and research, these are subject to change. Although you will be using your own system, we share this because of it gives an idea of some of the important aspects to monitor regarding trading systems in general.

[*Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns.]

Please note, we do not offer managed accounts, we can help connect you with systems and traders, where you can trade yourself or with a system on your MT4 platform or by use of a broker VPS.

1432493453_1-02View our Prospective Clients Presentation Client Presentation (here)

View our Trading Mentality Guide Here. It is especially useful if you are not familiar with risks involved in Forex trading. 

We recommend that you read both of these guides before using any systems.

Optional Read – Ploutos Synergy Concept: Synergy Guide