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Congratulations on taking your first step towards automated forex trading. AutoTakeProfit.com is a system whereby the aim is simple, to make money! We simply apply what we do ourselves to make money and extend that to you for a small reward for time and effort involved in doing your job for you. There are obvious advantages of automated trading over manual trading, moreover, we don’t just automate, we research, develop, confer, forward and back-test regularly to evolve our trading to suit the market personalities. Though there are never any guarantees in trading, many clients have come to us usually failing in trading because they either didn’t have a strategy or didn’t stick to their strategy because of emotion. Frankly, our automated system is robotically unemotional, and those the majority of trading!


We trade OTC FX currencies predominantly via our automated algorithmic system with aid from the human traders as well. We have dedicated system and traders looking for profitable entry and exits into the market day and night. You don’t employ us, yet you have us and our prided system at your disposal after simply giving your permission to trade.


The idea and objective of the service is to give small investors the opportunity to trade but with the expertise that would normally not be open to you without having to spend thousands learn it yourself. At the same time you have peace of mind that if you are losing then so are we, so our interest is long term sustained partnership, sharing of information and a growing educational community. Trading is only part of the service, we are social and enjoy what we do.


Over the course of a year we endeavour to preserve capital and grow it for you all by minimising risk with stop losses and work to take high probability trades. The risks that are involved in FX trading are fully disclosed, we do not make false promises unlike some things our community members have told us about. We periodically review and endeavour to work with trust-worthy brokers, as it has been said, we really are doing all the work for you, yet what you pay is only a tiny fraction.


The fees we are charging are reflective of this fact, that we really gain if you do from our success and yours at the same time. If you think you have expendable capital that you would like to trade using our service to hopefully gain better returns than what it is gaining at the moment, then give us a try.


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