It’s all about YOU!

The FREE structure was designed so that we make money if you make money, rather than making you risk paying for something without first having seen the fruit. That makes the service mutually beneficial and gives us the shared incentive of your satisfaction being a priority as we are only rewarded via transaction costs in the same way the broker is anyway.

We DON’T even charge a profit share structure or direct fees for our time.

The FREE Structure:

There is now no Trading subscription:

£0 / Month for the duration of the trading period.


You keep 100% of profits made.

This gives us incentive and you satisfaction that we get rewarded most when you are rewarded. 

The fee structure is such that we earn more when you are profiting and trading more, which makes the service mutually beneficial. This is because you are more likely to continue to trade if its actually beneficial to you. You keep 100% of your deposit and 100% of your profits. We deal with the broker directly.