Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I trade from any part of the world?

Yes. Our main broker GKFX allows traders from most countries, if you are not supported for example a US Client, then you can go here: <Other Countries>

How soon can I withdraw?

You can withdraw whenever you like once you have been accepted to open an account with GKFX and completed their quick procedures. 

Why do you show a live results page?

We show live results of systems that we are either trying on real or demo to monitor their statistics. We do this anyway for our own interest, so share the results on the site if there is interest in our findings. Results are updated daily (automatically).

Performance Questions

In general what is a percentage trade win rate? Does a high win rate mean anything?

We get this beginner question quite a lot, which is why it is here on the FAQ. Usually from binary traders where win rate does matter, however in forex it is easy to show this is not the most important thing. For example, lets say rather than an 80%+ win rate you have a 50% win rate, but you close trades before they get to -$30. But when you win, you let trades go to +$230. In that case, 50% win rate would mean your risking $30 to make $230! That’s excellent (If the trade works out). Similarly, what would be the point of having a 90% win rate, if each win is +$10 and each loss is -$2138. 9/10 times you make $10, and on the 10th trade, you lose more than the high frequency wins.

Out of curiosity, where can I learn more about how your systems trade?

You can read about our EA (Automated Trading Program) attempts here.

Do psychology and emotion play a part in trading?

You can read the following document we share some of our realizations from traders about their findings in how mindset plays a part in their results. We share this mostly to deter traders who are not patient or who have unrealistic expectations of trading. You should not assume that you will profit, there is every chance that you won’t. Seeking qualified and independent financial advise from a qualified adviser is a sensible way to see if trading is suited for your circumstance. The document is available here: Trading Mentality Guide.

Can I view my account performance?

Yes, you most certainly can. Most brokers provide apps now as standard or you can log into the webtrader on the go. You can also download MT4 Metatrader to login to your account.

Payment Questions

Why is it SO CHEAP / FREE, when some services cost $600/month?

AutoTakeProfit is trading for ourselves regardless. We have seen so many bad brokers, some withholding deposits or creating impossible bonus situations and in many cases we have heard reports of people having paid great amounts of money for systems not able to find the system or broker right for them. We link to GKFX because we have worked with them for a long while and seen their true colors. 

N.B There are also no hidden commissions or costs AT ALL everything can be seen on the Fees & Pricing page

Security Questions

GKFX are they regulated?

GKFX is a broker which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Certainly, our concern of the broker we use is far more important to us than it is to you. Our money deposited with them, so it is our top concern. We have used many brokers from Oanda, Alpari, and GKFX. In addition, we know from many people we have spoken to which brokers are best or have reputations for ill-practice. You can see more about our broker experiences on our Reviews page

Withdrawals? Does the broker pay out on time?

You will be relieved to know this is important to us too. One of the many reasons we use this broker is because we do not have trouble with withdrawals.

Generally speaking you can withdraw your funds at anytime within 24hours of request so long as all trades are closed out first.

Does anyone have access to my trading account?

NO. You should not let anyone have access to your account. Optionally you can provide to people an investor password in MT4, to allow someone to view your account live only. 

Automate your income, Earn More, Work Less? What does your motto mean?

Many forex traders have to be at their computers constantly watching open trades for exits, or the markets for entries. Automate your income, refers to the process of automating your trading. If you earn commissions or rebates back to you, this process then becomes automatic due to the software trading for you. Therefore, allowing you not to miss certain entries due to fatigue, so you are trading more, and working less because you have automated your strategy. Simple. That is the general concept and aim which inspires research and development into making EA’s and testing other systems out there.

How do I open an account? 

You can go here.

[*Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns.]

Please note, we do not offer managed accounts, we can help connect you with systems and traders, where you can trade yourself or with a system on your MT4 platform or by use of a broker VPS.