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Earning with our affiliate program couldn’t be easier!


Get in gear with the AutoTakeProfit affiliate partner program, we handsomely reward anyone who brings clients to us who sign up and start the auto-trading procedure. Benefit from:

  • up to 25% split of income paid monthly subject to individual arrangement just for recommending.
  • This is a good way for active members to bring along family and friends, who know and understand the nature of trading and the risks involved.
  • The income you are entitled to comes directly from our income not from your clients profit share, so you can tell them that you being a middle man does not affect their trading performance at all.

We thoroughly recommend that when promoting our website, you let your client refer to our Trading Mentality Guide and read the Brochure. Please do not mislead or misrepresent anything to the client, the best way to avoid this is to bring them to the site directly or better yet request a personalized landing webpage and their signups will be automatically assigned to you and you will be notified when someone joins. You need to request a webpage in writing from Info@AutoTakeProfit.com. You can also direct them to the live results page here. You can of course let us know via Info@AutoTakeProfit.com or Skype (Ploutos Assets) that you have recommended someone, but we usually always find out upon signup when we ask them where they had found out about us. To become an affiliate, you can request a form by email only at Info@AutoTakeProfit.com, you will need to fill in all information and if you haven’t already, provide ID documents. *We are not strict about when you submit this form, some may have sent a client to us and then wish to sign the form afterwards once their client has signed up, this is completely fine with us so long as this is completed within 30 days of signup. Thereafter, you can still claim for your client, but only for the last 30 days, so it is better to complete your application soon after your client joins or before. *All affiliates must have their own trading account with us also, so they can have first hand testimony of the ups and downs of trading, and give their own accounts of trading also. There are exceptions, please email Info@autotakeprofit.com if you would like to be an affiliate, something can always be arranged for you. Payments: Payments are made via transfer direct to a separate broker account we will set up for you. You can log in and withdraw at anytime.  

  Good luck and some good trading pointers can be read here Brochure & Trading Mentality Guide. You may direct your clients to OPEN AN ACCOUNT HERE. We establish the referring party with all new signups, Or you can simply request your own landing page to redirect clients to and their signups will automatically be tracked to you and even send you an email notification when they join or leave, if you would like this feature free, request via email from Info@autotakeprofit.com. [From the US or CANADA? Click Here]