Special Offers

…Make Money More Mesmerizing!


OFFER 1: (Receive 20$ /per month payment!)
Valid when you and your family and/or friends join with separate accounts for the duration you are connected with us and your collective trading balance is over $5,000 subject to terms and conditions.

Email Code: VEH020payme


OFFER 2: (Deposit $25,000 or more and get an IPAD FREE)
Valid for a deposit of $25,000 or more subject to terms and conditions.

Email Code: VEH070ipad


Email Codes to: info@autotakeprofit.com / Subject: AutoTakeProfit.com PROMO CODE


Terms and Conditions:

  • All offers are subject to staying on and trading for 12 months. Early cancellation is possible, but forfeit of special offers apply. (AutoTakeProfit requires time to trade properly and utilize its different timeframe strategies.)
  • All rebates are given based on what is received by us, we will only pay the stated amount where we have been given enough to cover our expenses per that account and our expected yield from it.
  • We reserve the right to refuse rebate payments under any circumstances in which we find it unprofitable to do so otherwise, including but not limited to abuse of our services.
  • If you have recommended someone to autotakeprofit, and they are with us then you may still enjoy the special privileges subject to assessment via enquiry at info@autotakeprofit.com
  • For the use of offers, “Family” refers to 3 or more people not necessarily relatives.
  • Offers must be pre-negotiated, (email Info@AutoTakeProfit.com once trading occurs if a request code for an offer was not received they cannot be requested retroactively.

Full General Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions available: Here