Binary Options

Forex vs Binary Options?
Why do we prefer forex over any binary options? Simple thing to consider in our opinion:


Did you know that in many countries and jurisdictions, authorities class binary options as gambling? Why? You risk $100 to make $75 dollars. So even if you break-even on trades your down -$25. This happens again and you’re now down -$50. So imagine over a long amount of trading, when eventually a losing streak happens. Whereas in forex, specifically the strategy we have successfully deployed, you could risk $30 to make $200. So even with a win rate of only 25%, -$30 -$30 -$30 $200, you could in theory still profit $110!

How can I get Indicators or Find a Binary Trader group to join?
If you still would like to go ahead and use Binary Options, you can visit this site:
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