Education Room


We are pleased and proud to announce our Skype Trading Room for those who wish to trade Forex or SNP500.

As a student you will be taught by Nick who has many years experience of the markets as well as his peers who trade live with you and offer their signals and explanations with graphs and tools to show you how they enter, manage and exit a trade.

You can be a part of the action with other traders in a free speech environment, which is both interactive and educational for the low monthly subscription via PayPal of £79

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Words from AutoTakeProfit’s Leading Forex & Futures Educator:

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Trading education is prevalent everywhere in the market, with weekend courses and mentors promising you that they can make you a profitable trader if you follow and take their course and strategies for trading the markets….However, here at AutoTakeProfit Education we deal in realism and we teach starting from basic beginner level trading right through to all levels of trader and even to advanced harmonics if you wish to learn them. You will experience first-hand that trading is a serious vocation and at the same time it has to be learned like any other serious profession. We see so many quick trading courses, and our opinion on them is that they are quick buck packages which make you pay thousands all in one go, because by the time you realize their trading is not up to scratch or freely available information, you will run a mile. This is why we charge a small, low FLAT £79 a month fee, with the ability to leave at any time. Why? Because it shows you trust on our side that we are confident that you will choose to stay and also allows you to try us out risk free.If you are trading forex yourself and need guidance we will you show you in real time how to identify trends, learn to read them and then to apply trades to profit from them whether the market is going up or down or even staying sideways in a range. Before you know it, you will know enough to teach trading yourself!

We do prep work and teach everything live! Why? because there is no cherry picking of charts in real trading, and when you are left alone to trade and you have to take full responsibility for it, we want to make absolutely sure you are not trading with outlandish misconceptions about how serious this job is.

As an experienced trader and tutor, I will say this, anyone can learn this job and the things we teach here will ground you and teach you a completely different way to approach the markets, not for fun or emotional highs or exuberance but as a serious vocation to be respected. At the same time, as you progress in your learning you will be given the tools to navigate the markets, make solid and quantifiable trades that have a strict principle and sound trade plan behind them, a plan to get in when it works and a plan to get out if it goes against you.

We will teach you to enter and exit trades, manage them depending on the time frame and parameters of the trade you are taking, be it a scalp, short term, medium or swing trades. The tools you will learn with us will help you to be emotionless and prudent in your application, at the same time you will learn discipline and structure, you will be taught how to properly prepare for the days and week ahead, you will learn how to read price patterns, which are the true lead indicator of the market and what it is doing and keep you out of trouble as you navigate this field.

We are truly passionate about helping people achieve and learn the tools that will allow them to succeed in this line of work, but it takes work from both sides! We can lead you to the pond but we cannot make you drink from it.

Basically, this is not education where you come in and sit and expect to be told where to buy, where to sell and just hit a few buttons and do no work yourself, that is quite honestly not trading, that’s gambling. Here we teach you how to do what we do so you can take full responsibility for your trading whilst you are with us and long after.

We feel blessed to be able to share what we have learnt over the years and believe if you truly are passionate about this job like we are, you will not only learn trading but also learn to really love and respect the market and come to the contention that it is to be honored at all times.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss with us your potential needs and what you feel you want to achieve, we also do 1 to 1 coaching sessions in 2 hour blocks at a time and we can teach any number of things privately with you or you can join the general room, learn form there and then perhaps if you want to be privately coached on certain specifics once you feel more comfortable, we will make the most of the 1 to 1 coaching to really make sure you have gotten to grips with it.

Please know there is no HOLY GRAIL there is no fast track and there is no such thing as 100% guaranteed trading tools! That means you don’t win all the time, no-one on the planet does! However, what we teach you here, are the tools that will allow you to stick to your trading plan and have rules that bias your risk reward to win more than you lose. You will manage your trades correctly to maximize your profits and cut your losses, and you will be given the real tools to trade any market no matter what its doing. You will be able to make and see things happen before they play out, you will feel like you are being shown the path of what the market is doing once you learn how to read the language it speaks. Once learnt, the market then becomes your friend and when you respect it, it will reward you with far more than just good profits as you will see a change in you as well on the proper journey of learning to become a proper trader with the right mentality. It is no secret that 95% of traders fail because of a lack of discipline, particularly emotionally. We drive that out to leave you a trader with a plan for both eventualities per trade, what to do if it goes against you, and what to do if it works in your favor, including moving the stop loss to break-even and partially closing a profitable trade.

We hope you will enjoy the journey with us and if we can be of service please feel free to ask anything at all we are happy to be here and serve you to help you gain the success you desire. Welcome to the family, no matter what your background, we look forward to welcoming you on board to the family where we all share and help each other through the up and down life of trading forex!

You can be a part of the action with other traders in a free speech environment, which is both interactive and educational for the low monthly subscription via PayPal of £79

You are agreeing to These Terms by Clicking PayPal Subscribe.