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So what’s all the fuss about’s FREE services?

  • Most people EARN income directly from work.
  • A few people look for investments so that they can put a sensible proportion of their money to work for them. Of course regardless of investment there is always an element of risk and reward. This is the same for people with great wealth and true for those with less. However, people should consider speaking to an independent financial adviser to decide whether or not they want to invest and set aside some money to take on some risk for reward.
  • is a hub to connect people with these opportunities, you never invest with us, but you get great benefits for signing up through us.

What do we offer?

In order of highest money earning potential for you to the least risk. Choose as many as you like.


How do I make money?

Whether trading yourself or via another trader, you earn profits from successful trades but also stand to lose some trades and therefore there is risk to your deposit, however, if trading is successful you will make profit and can withdraw at any time.

If you promote us you will still need a trading account, but it will be to receive monthly payments from us for any ongoing trading that someone you recommended is participating in via our broker GKFX.

If you opt for option 4 (becoming a lender), you will make earnings from interest that borrowers have to pay when they repay you monthly. For more details see P2P Lending.

Regardless of which option you choose you will have to make your own account to receive your funds, payments and earnings. In the case of the option 1 , 3 and 5, you will need to make an account here as soon as possible.

In option 4, you will need to make an account here using this link to secure your £50 free offer today and earn up to 7.5% on your savings now.


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